Why Blackjack is more than just 21

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Most people that see the game in this way are mistaken because the little quirks added to the game have made it more exciting than ever.

Insurance bets, double downs, splits and extra side bonuses have become the Blackjack players be and end all as they constantly look for opportunities to get their cash in on extra bets if not tactically, then for the fun of having the option to do so.

There also the multi handed version of the game that has been growing in popularity. Multi-handed play has always been a standard three hands versus the dealer’s one hand in the online casinos, but more recently we are seeing the five hands versus one hand version cropping up. Theses multi-handed tables allow players to play from one to five hands versus the dealer as a single player.

Multi-handed play also comes with new strategies. The fact that when you play single handed Blackjack and you lose, you will lose one bet, but in multi-handed play you get to play three hands against the dealer and if you win one hand, you only lose one bet. Although the risk is slightly higher than single handed play, players get a chance to play with three hands rather than one with one hand likely to win giving players an increased chance of winning if they have a sound approach to the game.

In addition to multi-handed Blackjack tables there is also the mass of no deposit casino bonuses aimed particularly at Blackjack tables. Double loyalty points, free casino bonuses on deposits to play Blackjack on special days and more.

Another craze in the Blackjack world right now is the chance to play live dealer Blackjack. Via a webcam players can play versus the house with a live dealer standing in front of them. The chips and betting are still electronic with the dealer’s only job being to deal the cards and collect the cards. This style of play has stopped the cries of those who claim the online casinos are rigged by displaying the cards right in front of them as they play.

Some players also like to search out particular versions of Blackjack. For instance, single deck Blackjack is still an option in some online casino rooms, but generally you will not find the combination of single deck Blackjack with multi-handed play so much, but there are one or two casinos that are prepared to allow this version of the game. They actually allow it because they can avoid the risk of card counting by saying that the deck will be shuffled after every hand.

Finally, there is an array of options to play Blackjack with particular bonuses attached. For example, pairs bonus where players are paid out odds on a side bet that will pay out if you are dealt two of the same card. In multi-deck games you can even be dealt two of exactly the same card such as two Ace of clubs.

Blackjack has so many options to play, and so many different strategies that it is not just a case of playing a game of 21. For those that have discovered a deeper and more diverse side to the game, Blackjack is one of the most exciting, flexible, and diverse table games in the online casinos today.

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