Why Online Slots Kick Live Slots Prizes off the Park

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Slot machines are making some of the biggest headlines in the online casino world because they just keep on getting better.

It is no secret that online slots have been winning the race versus the live slot scene primarily due to the massive flexibility designers have over the virtual slots. Even now the slot industry is starting to change up the live machines in order to keep up with the competition. It is the new breed of live machines that have been seen hitting the casino floors that are a result of the slot companies caving into pressure in a move that has seen the live slots imitate the virtual slots as closely as they can. The slot companies are literally turning the casino floor slots into large computerized machines with video screens to imitate the graphical power and commanding features the online slot machines have empowered themselves with.

Despite the new computerized virtual slots the virtual versions offer so many more gimmicks that even the new live casino machines cannot keep up with, and because of this the virtual slots will continue to reign as champions of the slot arena. One of the hardest things to battle for any brick and mortar slot providers is floor space. The return a casino has to raise from each machine must be in line with the cost of the floor space. More cash is then filtered out to cover the cost of the machine that is not cheap considering the price of the designers that create the software to go onto the machines.

Online services only have virtual space to fill, and that space is unlimited. Virtual slots therefore offer far more chances to win and far better features along with a greater chance of a return from each machine found on their site because they can afford to do this. The main overheads the virtual casinos have to cover are the costs of design, but apart from this they only have to find a small space on a server plus a little RAM to run the machine when punters are accessing the game. On one small server there will be multiple slot machines taking up one fifth of the space a single live slot machine will take up.

A live casino not only has to get a return for the floor space to justify the slots existence, they also have to pay the costs of running the machines, the cost of an attendant, some offer free drinks to keep the punters going, plus cleaning and maintenance costs with a whole host of other costs that come with the live machines such as seating and machine refills and so their machines cannot be as generous. Furthermore, due to the tight costs live slots rack up they cannot offer casino bonus codes, deposit matches or free casino play as do the virtual casinos.

Weighing both sides of the story up, it is clearly obvious why playing online slots is a lot more profitable than playing slots in a casino. The brick and mortar casinos simply cannot afford to give away as many features or match the flexibility of their virtual rivals. Even so, if you still have a passion for the live machines there is nothing to worry about because they will still be an exclusive part of any casino you walk into as they still pull in the punters, and without the slots a casino just really wouldn’t feel like a casino!

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