Why People Play Classic Slots

By Debra SaundersGoogle
A similar story is replicated in casinos around the world despite the introduction of the new computerised versions of what where once names ‘One Armed Bandits’. That story has followed true all the way into cyberspace.

In the online casino rooms there almost seems to be unlimited choice when it comes to reels and pay-lines to select your next roll of the reels on. Companies such as BetSoft, B3W, and Microgaming have invented some of the best 3D slots on the market with BetSoft now introducing social gaming 3D interactive slots that allow players to almost play a video game with levels and mystery bonus rounds that allow players to progress through the levels for bigger pay outs. What’s more is when they exit the slot their progress is saved for next time they re-visit. Honestly, there seems to be no end to the marvels the slot designers can bring to the screens.

Despite that the classic slots are still out there in the live land based casinos and on the slot lists of the virtual casino with new versions of classic play being released in the background all the time.

Classic slots do offer something that the 5 reel and multiple pay-line machines don’t, and that is guaranteed profitable pay-outs when they fill their 3 reel single pay-line with a winning combination. On the 5-reel machines you can bet multiple lines and land multiple wins sometimes going sessions with an average of a combination linked on the reels every other spin. However, those pay-outs are just a dent in the overall spin bet total.

Landing a combination that pays a 20x multiplier of the line bet on a 30 reel machine where you have bet all 30 lines still means you are losing 10 lines worth of bets on that spin meaning your total spin bet value versus return on investment is still negative even though you’ve won. Average that over 5 wins in 10 spins and you’ve lost 50 line bets on winning spins and 300 line bets on losing spins. Although there are plenty of other wins to contemplate the fact is there is a chance that on a bad day you could lose more than you bargained for even though you pumping in combination wins.

On the other hand, classic slots guarantee an overall spin bet profit on your combinations. They do not make you feel like you are winning because combinations don’t come as often, but when they do, they pay well. For example, spin in 3 any bars and you could get 5 times your spin bet back meaning you can afford 5 losing spins to remain even. That kind of gameplay is as attractive as 5-reel slot play making both style of slot appealing their own way.

Even so, 5-reel machines still have their massive scatter multipliers and huge free spin rounds backed up pick-me features, high jackpots, and bonus rounds. All I am really saying is that you can see why classic slots are so popular and why 5-reel slots are popular because they both have their own appeal.

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