Why Wagering Race and Sports Bets is Better Online

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Planning your bets directly from a newspaper is not a sensible way to get the most out of your cash if you are a racing or sports betting fan. You wouldn’t buy stocks on the stock market using figures printed in a newspaper because if you trade the red hot financial markets you will know how volatile the numbers can be changing from a dollar to cent in a second in some cases. Take World Com, Ahold or Enron as examples if you will.

Recently the killjoys protecting the public at the ASA have been all over the newspaper advertised odds as of late with William Hill taking the brunt of the publicity on this one. The ASA have complained and slapped down restrictions on the race and sports bet companies for sending out print advertisements with out of date odds or even sometimes different odds in different newspapers. This has not been deemed as intentional as such, but the ASA say that the odds are not current and because they are different across various prints the ads are misleading.

That means someone could pick up a newspaper and walk into the bookies off the back of the odds printed in the newspaper only to find they have changed once they go to place their wager. Apparently this is unfair advertising because that person will have been attracted into the establishment on false pretences. In all honestly changing odds are exactly what any punter should expect. Of course the odds are going to change, but some people have obviously complained that they are not getting the odds they originally thought they would as per print advertisement and so this must be false advertising hence the ASA have intervened.

There was initially a complaint about odds printed in the Racing Post. WH put 6 to 1 on Sir Des Champs to take down the Gold in the Cheltenham Festival. Another involved the Daily Mirror in which The New One was given 4 to 1 odds for the John Smith’s Aintree Hurdle. However, if you read the small print it does state that prices are only correct of particular time on a certain date and they also say that prices fluctuate, but for the ASA this isn’t enough.

You can see the ASA’s point in some respects as it is their job to protect the general public. Some people do not bet too often and so they do not realise that the odds on the races will not always be what they state in the newspaper as the day goes on. Nevertheless, there are those that will always complain that they want the odds the initially saw.

The simple solution to this is mobile applications and internet sports betting accounts. Anyone logging onto a race and sports bet site such as Ladbrokes or William Hill will get instant up to date odds. Nearly every pro race better knows this in today’s modern technological society and with so many no deposit bonus codes giving new account members free cash the only sensible way to make a punt and get top value these days is via online race and sports betting.

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