Will New Jersey Legalize Online Sports Betting?

By Debra SaundersGoogle


New Jersey, home to Atlantic City,  the second largest gambling city in the United States after Las Vegas, is once again pushing forward to legalize gambling.  This time, the issue on the table is legalizing and regulating online sports betting.  New Jersey is one of the single states that pushes fiercely to have this type of legislation passed through. Currently the state is holding a referendum to find out whether or not online sports betting should be legalized and regulated within the state.  New Jersey is suffering (as most US states are) from the economic downturn and the state has recently lost millions of dollars due to the recent Hurricane Irene.    Many see legalizing online sports betting as a positive way to earn money for the state.

New Jersey State Governor Chris Christie has been cited as being a proponent of online gambling and has done much to support that image.  Recently however, whenever some sort of legislation crossed his desk it was quickly vetoed leading many people to wonder if his support was all talk and no walk.   Many speculate that the reason for his hot and cold behavior was centered around his bid for presidency. He's since announced that he's no longer interested in running for US President in 2012. Perhaps this will affect his attitude towards online gambling legislation as he turns he focus back to his state.  On November 8th there will be a public referendum held in the state of New Jersey to understand public opinion regarding legalizing online betting. 

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