William Hill Continues to Expand Globally

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The UK economy may be down, but William Hill is on the up. The company may be reporting saturated sales in the UK because of its sheer dominance in the sports betting segment, but the company is still expanding in size and value. Just lately its tea have looked across the globe to expand its most lucrative business section, race and sports betting. It’s most recent acquisition was in Australia after the gambling giant took over Tom Waterhouse in order to offer the Australian public online gaming, sports betting as well as improved and more sophisticated high street betting services.

Now William Hill has stuffed the pipeline full with news of yet another deal going down, but this time on the other side of the globe in the USA. William Hill US has been a huge operation for some time now well known amongst US citizens and UK expats living in the country. The company has a wide reach into the US sports betting market especially when it comes to US horse racing and dog tracks where William Hill has become a dominate contributor in these markets.

Their latest service that is to be touted targets Nevada’s Sin City of Las Vegas. The latest news was speculated on a Las Vegas NV BlogSpot where it states that once the SLS Hotel and Casino structure is finally erected on the famous Las Vegas strip in 2014, William Hill will then be operating a Race and Sports bet book from within it in a deal that has been thrashed out with SBE Entertainment Real Estate, who are the owners of the hotel and casino establishment currently under construction.

The CEO of the US side of William Hill’s operations admits that this is not going to be the company’s largest facility, but it is surely going to be a huge showpiece for the race and sports bet giant. The plan is to have an area that will be 3,000 square feet exclusively for the business’s race and sports book. Next to this will be a chic restaurant, which features of the new food establishment are yet to be decided upon. Furthermore, all William Hill mobile technology will also be on tap for punters can to wire into other WH services.

William Hill have invested a huge budget into their latest project as have the SLS casino and hotel side of things. SLS have published figures estimated to be at around $415 million going into this project alone. There will be 1,600 hotel rooms, the casino itself, 4 nightclubs, plenty of shopping facilities, as well as an array of restaurants all wrapped up by William Hill’s massive race and sports show right in the centre of the action.

This is definitely a spot to visit if you are planning a trip to Vegas in the future. With all the facilities, casino and more this is a gamblers paradise holiday resort. Look out for bonus codes and special offers as every new casino/hotel in Vegas is sure to have a special offer for its inaugural clientele.

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