Winner Or Loser, Players Collect Bonuses at Virgin Casino

By Debra SaundersGoogle
On August 27, one of the best online casinos, Virgin Casino, will launch a new casino games promotion geared toward new players and already existing players. The latest offering is known as Double Chance Happy Winners, Happy Losers and will give players the opportunity to get special bonuses, offered daily, during a set time frame, no matter if they win or lose.
Players can join the Virgin Online Casino website each day to play at selected and favored online slot games. No matter if you win or lose at least £50 per day, players are eligible to walk away with £85 cash daily. In order to qualify for this special daily bonus, players must opt-in prior to the beginning of the bonus time period, meaning before August 27th. The casino specifically states that the offer will not be applied to accounts retroactively. Players will receive payments directly into their accounts the following day after play.
Players can fully examine the terms and conditions of the bonus promotion on Virgin Casino’s website.  Those who win or lose at least £50 will receive a bonus of £5. One step up from this, players who win or lose a minimum of £200 can get up to £30 in bonus cash. The highest level means that those who win or lose £500 will be eligible to receive a bonus of £85.

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