World Cup Sports Betting Frenzy

By Maria McCoyGoogle
The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has been one of the most popular soccer World Cups of all time attracting not only a huge number of viewers via a number of broadcast channels, but also the bookies internet wires have been jammed with those looking to take a punt on the games.

In the US, the most surprising results of all came to light. ESPN have announced they have never had so many Americans tune into the soccer in the history of the game. USA has not always been the most loving country when it comes to soccer, but as of late, it seems things have turned. Those states able to make a punt online or via the many betting terminals in the bookies have surpassed any past figures when it comes to sports betting cash going down on the soccer.

South America’s growing wealth and improved infrastructure especially when it comes to communications has also meant that the online sports books have had another flow of internet traffic made of those looking to get their money down.

Of course, there are plenty of options to choose from. Who is going to be the winner, who will make it to the semi-finals, who will come top/bottom of the group stages, top goal scorer for the tournament, how many goals will be scored in this year’s world cup, who will win on penalties, and the list just keeps going on.

This year’s Brazilian World Cup 2014 has already broken the record for the most goals scored in the first sixteen matches. 3.06 goals per game on average compared to 2002 when there 2.88 goals per game.

In Europe, where sport betting has been prominent for a while now due to excellent communication infrastructure, there is also a mass of betting going on compared to last year. Last year there were no international competitions as the World Cup comes around only every 4 years, and the International European Cup was the year before. However, when you compare the two, it is the soccer World Cup that brings out the largest number of bets and viewers due to the involvement of international clubs on a global scale. Although, the Copa De America and the African Nations versions of the International European World Cup does make up for much of the betting lost not by having participants from around the world in one single competition as with the world cup.

It has been a successful year for the bookies, and much of that has been made up through excellent marketing giving punters no deposit bonus codes a llowing them to take a punt at the World Cup’s incredible soccer bonanza this 2014. 

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