WSOP Big One for One Drop Returns

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Two years ago in the World Series of Poker 2012 the Big One for One Drop attracted 48 pro poker players each fronting $1 million to play in the tournament. That brought together an amazing $48 million into the charity poker event. Every players buy-in had $111,111 chopped off and that was donated directly to the One Drop charity. In the end that left $ $42,666,672 to be chopped up amongst 9 winners.

Overall including the buy-ins and other donations, most notably the $4,352,000 donated by fourth place businessman David Einhorn, raised over $10 million for charity over the 3 day event.

This year the record is expected to be surpassed giving the charities on the receiving end of the cash a real casino bonus coming out of this event. To make things a little more challenging there will be an extra 8 player table added into the equation giving the players a slightly larger field to plough through. That’ll also add an extra $8 million into the prize pool and charity donations.

The same $111,111 will be donated to charity, so $56 million will be the overall kitty with $6,222,216 going to charity leaving a prize pool to cut amongst the top bubble spots of just under $50 million.

Check out the winners in last year’s events:

1st Antonio Esfandiari from America won $18,346,673 
2nd Sam Trickett from England won $10,112,001       
3rd David Einhorn from America $4,352,000  
4th Phil Hellmuth Jr from America won $2,645,333    
5th Guy Laliberte from Canada won $1,834,666         
6th Brain Rast from America won $1,621,333             
7th Robert Baldwin from America won $1,408,000    
8th Richard Yong from Malaysia won $1,237,333      
9th Mike Sexton from America $1,109,333     
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