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Today we are seeing so many online casinos out there, that it is difficult to really put a true number on how many there actually are, but there are not actually a huge number of casino software providers. This is because the online casino brand you are probably playing at is actually an independent company that has a deal with one of the large online casino software providers to stream their games through their casino.

To understand the online casino industry it only needs a quick review of the FAQ section of most online casinos. To explain, the online casino is usually a vendor. Almost the same as a franchise, except the online casino vendor can choose its own name; unlike someone that wants to franchise a McDonalds food chain – the company must abide by the rules of McDonalds, sell their products only and the marketing is paid for by McDonalds.

Online casino vendors are not quite so strictly tied as this. They can choose a casino software platform provider such as Microgaming or Next Generation Gaming; these are the 2 biggest online casino software platform providers in the business. Although Amaya is also another massive player as well as a few other big name companies.

Casino vendors are a company under their own name and will approach Microgaming or NextGen and ask for a partnership. The vendor then builds their branding and loyalty system as well as free giveaways. The vendor also arranges all the marketing for their online casino brand. Once the interphase has been set-up, they simply connect to the casino software provider and the games will be made available on their casino.

Anyone with the right investment can own their own online casino

As long as you meet the rules and regulations of the online casino software providers and pass the financial stipulations that are legally needed to run your online casino in certain countries, then you can own your online casino.

Micorgaming and NextGen are the companies that will decide if your brand and business idea is worth them allowing you to stream their games on your site.

Once the big guns give you the go ahead, all your own bonus systems, no deposit bonus codes, table betting limits and loyalty systems are totally down to you! It does seem very simple, but you would need a huge investment in marketing to be able compete in an internet casino marketplace that is already crowded with thousands of online casinos.

You would also need a stack of cash to be able to prove that if a high roller did happen to hit a lucky win, you could actually pay!

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