YouTube Channels – Casinos and Designers with Nothing to Hide

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Amaya Gaming’s YouTube channel featuring the company’s latest games is an example of just how far casino and platform designers online marketing is coming
An intense world of marketing prowess and competition is no less present in the casino market than any other industry, and Amaya Gaming& rsquo;s YouTube Channel is living proof how a good angle and live demos are just one way to get ahead of the competition.

Found at, companies looking to utilize the Amaya platform; or for those looking to get a visual of the games Amaya supplies the online casinos that have chosen Amaya to supply their gaming platforms, the Amaya YouTube channel is an ingenious way to get the message across.

There is only one sure-fire way to endure that word of mouth gets around, that people subscribe to YouTube channels, and engage in blogs and other forms of social networking and that is to not only make people be aware of your brand, but to also ensure that the services you provide make your brand. After all it is your product and service that will make or break your brand because it these items that are representing who you are.

Absolutely, and unequivocally Amaya Gaming have this concept wired down to the letter. The confidence and the brash ability to let out all that would many would keep a secret is why the company oozes success. A brand that shows what they have in public before anyone has even paid a penny to try out their product. 

Amaya Gaming is one of the top software designers out there today, and if you just take a look at the news by , you’ll see the companies name crop up time and time again with new releases, takeover bids; most notably PokerStars recent acquisition, and new ventures within the online and live gaming markets.

The company has jumped leaps and bounds to get to where they are today, and this is evident through its ability to spread their brand name on a global scale for all recognize.

It isn’t just the fact that their brand name has saleability across the globe, it is far more than this. The quality and quantity of gaming experiences Amaya Gaming brings to the online and live real money gambling markets is unique in itself. Here we have a company that can almost do no working with every new title rocking the casino world and every online casino lapping up the chance to announce yet another new release on their network.

YouTube Channels have been a successful marketing tool for many business, and it is certainly the future; especially for gaming platform providers like Amaya Gaming that have absolutely nothing to hide.

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