Zynga Poker Releases New Slot Game

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Zynga Poker, the well-known online casino games social platform, has just announced the debut of a new product, Zynga Slots.

Zynga Slots will be act as a mobile online casino and can be accessed by iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The application features a smooth gaming experience, bright and vibrant graphics and new social elements that will enhance the experience for slot fans.

Vice President of the Zynga Mobile division, Justin Cinicolo stated, “As Zynga’s second mobile casino game, Zynga Slots brings the thrill of Las Vegas slot machines to the palm of players’ hands while introducing social elements for players to share the excitement with their friends. We’re continually listening to player feedback on the kinds of games they enjoy playing and we’ll be sure to bring more high-quality iOS games to players based on the genres they enjoy.”

Players can also play slots in offline mode, enabling them to access the online casino games anywhere. The game is available in ten languages.

Features include live data notifications as jackpots rise as well as the ability to level-up to unlock rewards. Players who play Zynga Slots often can receive benefits like increased pay lines and higher betting limits for bigger risk and better rewards.

The game also features basic slot gameplay with vivid animation as well as mini-games and fun characters. Animated characters react and move with each spin, giving players the chance to get closer to the coveted Fever Mode, a thirty second bonus round where players can spin as much as they want.

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