Craps Bonuses

The Craps playing table may look somewhat intimidating. However, after just a few minutes of playing Craps, you will be able to go with the flow and throw like a pro! This casino game is basically a dice game where you bet on the roll of the dice. You can wager against other players or just against the casino’s bank. Craps has become a favorite online casino game worldwide featuring non-stop action and excitement. This game is really a game of chance; you can win or lose with every roll of the dice. If you are seeking a casino game with thrills and huge jackpots, then Craps is the perfect choice!

How to Play

Both ends of the Craps table are a mirror image (and usually green). You start off by placing a wager on betting fields called “come”, “pass line”, “field”, “odds”, “place” and the like. A very simple bet that you can make is the “pass line”. The online casino software will randomly roll the dice for you and start off the playing round. If the final rolls equals up to 11 then you win!

This first roll is referred to as the “come-out” roll if it lands on a 7 or 11. “Craps” is said when the total number is a 2, 3 or 12. These three numbers are losing numbers, but you will get to roll once more. All of the additional numbers are called “point.” If you toss a 7 initially before tossing a point number then unfortunately you will lose. However, if you toss a point before hitting a 7, then you will get a “pass” and you’ve won! You will then get to roll again.

Tips and Strategies

Since the game of Craps is a hot casino game, many players just jump right into a real game, before actually understanding how to play. We encourage you to learn the basics and understand how you can make the most of your money! After a Craps point is determined, you have a great opportunity to multiply your original bet. Keep in mind that every casino offers a different rule as to how many bets you can place. The pass line bet gives the house a smaller advantage of 1.4%.

New Craps players are encouraged to start off with this bet to lower the risk of quickly losing. When you bet against the 4 or 10, then the house’s edge is higher (2.4%). When you play this game, take advantage of maximizing your bets. Take as many rolls as you possibly can so you can have a greater chance at winning the jackpot. Finally, try to avoid playing at a Craps table where there is a very low maximum, since you won’t be able to enjoy a winning streak. On the contrary, you should choose a Craps table that features a high maximum bet so you will be able to increase your bets and take home more!

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