Since 1992, Maestro has provided payment solutions and served as a debit card for users. When using this debit card, you can easily make deposits and withdrawals right over the internet! In 60 countries around the world, Maestro has more than 660 million branded cards issued in the world. If you have a Maestro logo on the front/back of your card then you are able to make online payments, withdrawals from ATM’s and much more.

How to Fund

If you would like to begin making deposits and withdrawals over the web with a Maestro card, then you must first visit your local bank or financial institution to apply.

In addition to your regular bank account, you may be eligible to add a Maestro card as an additional account. Or you can go to and apply for a prepaid Maestro card from one of the listed providers on their website).

To start using your Maestro card, your merchant will ask for the digits on the front of your card and you will provide your secret PIN for the transaction to be verified. By providing a secret PIN, you avoid fraudulent activity since you are confirming your real identity.

When you make the online deposits or withdrawals, you will need to provide your CVC and Maestro Secure codes for added protection.


There are many benefits of using Maestro such as the security of having your money in such a safe haven. Even if you were to lose your card, you can just call your banking branch immediately and they will freeze the account.

Using Maestro is convenient and since you must have funds on the card in order to make deposits, you know exactly how much you are spending right at that time.

When you set up an account, you will be able to access your spending transactions online so you can monitor your deposits and withdrawals. And if you are out of the country you will be able to have access to your account by a local ATM.

A small disadvantage of Maestro is that there may be fee charges for various transactions. It is best to contact your bank for more details about what fees you may access.

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