This online games software provider takes its mission seriously: to bring a huge dose of fun to all their games! NeoGames is a major provider of scratch cards on which you can win straight away. Many big lottery companies, operators and experts in marketing business use the NeoGames software. NeoGames was established in 2005 and has since become one of the world leaders in software development. They provide their players with a soft-gaming platform that offers tons of great gaming opportunities. Over 120 million scratch games are provided by NeoGames worldwide and many happy and satisfied players use this software. Also, NeoGames provides great service for all customers and offers great marketing services in addition to just their games - and happy operators mean happy players!

A Bit About the Software

The selection of games provided by NeoGames give players a lot of great games to choose from. They offer scratch card games, slots games and other specialty games. NeoGames offers pioneering software in the fixed-odds gaming industry. Online scratch games give you the opportunity to play scratch cards online and win real money - no need to buy physical scratch cards anymore. The instant satisfaction of the online scratch cards is similar to the gratification you get with other online lotteries but these scratch cards and colorful and have fun themes!

NeoGames has put its heart and soul into creating really extraordinary scratch cards. You can access these scratch games wherever you want whenever you want with 24/7/365 play. The scratch cards have attractive designs and each scratch card has a theme of its own, be it sports, holidays, fantasy or food. So just pick the theme you like the most and play to win. The odds are great - one in every 3 cards is a guaranteed win!

NeoGames supports over 100 mobile devices from which the scratch cards can be accessed. You will see the games in the same way as you do on your computer, just on your mobile phone. NeoGames also offers its partners a complimentary back-office in addition to its scratch games for online and mobile use. NeoGames' software comes with a complete support service providing marketing opportunities, payment solutions and white labels.

The NeoGames marketing tools give you everything you need and can be used all over Europe in many local European language. You can create email lists and do specific geo-targeting for marketing reasons. The customer support is conveniently open 24/7 so that you can contact them with any queries.

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