One of the main software providers for casino websites in Playtech. This company was founded in 2000 and has developed many different games on its platform, including different card games, bingo, slot games, poker, scratch cards and more. Since 2005, Playtech has been traded on the UK stock market and its reputation is upstanding. Playtech since 2006 is no longer active in the US market but it is currently the biggest online casino brand in Europe (it has enjoyed this reputation from the start, not only after the close of the US market). Playtech is always innovating their online software and they also offer offline kiosk software - they truly are involved in many different facets of the casino industry. Because of the importance of development of its games and services for Playtech, new games are offered less often than with other gaming software but it is guaranteed that Playtech products are always of the highest quality.

A Bit About the Software

Playtech has always tried to ensure a realistic gaming experience for its online games. The way they are able to carry out this goal is by collecting data from land-based "brick and mortar" casinos and then implement the information collected into the software. This creates a different gaming experience from other software providers. In terms of loyalty programs and bonus points systems, Playtech is originally unique. They were among the first casinos to offer a comp points program. Nowadays, many companies have imitated this idea.

Among other innovations, Playtech is responsible for developing a unique multi-player function allowing multiple players to play in the same online room. Playtech software is definitely well designed and pleasant to look at. It offers various convenient settings, such as game control speed and sound controls. It is also For everyone's convenience, one can use Playtech both in a downloaded version and in Flash format.

Apart from the many casino games offered by Playtech, Playtech also offer Bingo and Poker sites. In this field, Playtech is traditionally famous for its big prizes and special promotions. Lately, Playtech has also become famous for its 3D poker games provided by their own iPoker network. As one can alter the Playtech mode from 2D to 3D, many find it especially exciting to play at online poker sites powered by Playtech software.

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