Problem Gambling Help, Guide and Care

Gambling sometimes gets a bad rep for being addictive or problematic. The truth is that most people who gamble do so responsibly. However, those that don't can easily go overboard and create serious problems for themselves. As a gambler, you need to know how to keep your gambling in check to make sure that it doesn&t tip over from being a responsible form of entertainment into a problem that can drain your finances. Gambling is fun and should be carried out responsibly. Most are able to gamble for fun using only money they can afford to lose. Healthy gamblers know when it's time to stop gambling and take losses and wins in proportion.

Like any addiction, gambling addictions are serious and those who are addicts can face serious financial damage which can have a ripple effect and harm their relationships (family, work, friends and otherwise). Keep your own gambling in check and continue to enjoy gambling as a fun and exciting form of entertainment.

Help for Family and Friends

As a responsible friend and family member, make sure to keep an eye on your loved ones to make sure that he or she is gambling responsibly. Don't be afraid to suggest to someone you love that they might have a problem. Many times problem gamblers cannot realize that they have a problem until it's too late and they've already caused distress to themselves and to those around them.

Signs to Look Out For

Below are a list of problem gambling signs that you can use to identify a gambling problem in yourself or in others close to you. If you can identify in yourself or in someone else even one of the following items below then we suggest seeking out help right away.

1. If you're gambling beyond your means and spending more money than you have to lose.
2. If you're borrowing money to gamble
3. If you're using gambling as a way to pay off existing debts
4. If you're gambling while intoxicated (alcohol or drugs)
5. If you feel a compulsive and uncontrollable urge to continue gambling when you've lost money in order to try and win it back
6. If you are neglecting other responsibilities (family/work) in order to gamble.

Helpful Links

Here are a list of helpful links that you can use to reach out for help with a gambling problem. Note that these organizations are anonymous and offer help, support and guidance free of charge. Most gamblers who seek out help early are able to solve their problem without causing hard to themselves and to those around them.

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